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Trips are meant to create wonderful memories for every member of the family. However, it can be difficult to coordinate a vacation that mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, your teenager and toddler can all enjoy equally. Multigenerational trips are fantastic for bonding and seeing the world together, and that’s why planning the proper tours and destinations is imperative to a successful vacation. 

To ensure your holiday is a hit with all family members, the best travel agency in Oshawa has the best tips to follow:

Timing Is Everything

It’s already difficult to arrange the perfect time to take a trip with just a friend; so imagine coordinating with your entire family. It’s crucial that work, school and additional pertinent factors are always considered prior to book the trip location and duration. Your toddler may be just starting kindergarten, the grandparents are visiting another family during that time or your teen has midterms! Ensure you ask for specific dates from each family member to find out when they’re available ahead of time.

Opt For Group Travel Accommodations

When you take a trip with multiple family members, staying at a hotel is most likely not the most practical and viable option. The purpose of your vacation is to promote family bonding, and with more than four of you in different hotel rooms, that will be quite difficult to achieve. You can actually save money by renting a villa or a home that accommodates the entire family. Communal spaces can allow the whole family to cook together, enjoy the pool, beach club or walk to the golf course together.

Choose Tours and Activities That Everyone Can Enjoy

Structured activities should accommodate every member of the family, both old and young. A family-friendly trip can include standard tours and activities, such as boat excursions, sightseeing tours, safaris or bike rides. Depending on what destination you choose, centre the tours and activities of choice based on that. If it’s a family trip to Europe, visit museums, famous sights or even attending pizza or bread-making classes. If it’s a winter destination, take the family on a sleigh ride tour or an amazing train ride through the mountains.

Determine and Establish the Budget

Stressing about money is never fun and can spoil the trip for everyone! Figure out your overall travel budget (ex: per person, per day) to start planning. When you hire Durham Travel, our travel agents will follow your budget to find the best value for your family’s travel dollar. A significant amount of money can be spent on extra tours or financial outlays, but Durham Travel can keep these costs to a minimum. 

Durham Travel has a travel agency in Oshawa, Ajax, and Whitby that can assist with all of your travel needs. Want to book online? We have an easy, quick, and trustworthy package and vacation options ready for you to choose from on our site. To make the most of your trip and the best memories, trust Durham Travel.

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