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Durham Travel is a full-service, clients travel agency in business since 2000. Located in Courtice, Ontario we pride ourselves in offering you superior customer service, travel selection, and value for your travel dollar. Durham Travel is independently owned and operated by 1397504 Ontario Inc.

Travel Agents

It’s probably not a news flash that a travel agent is someone who can book your next trip, but that doesn’t sum up everything that they do and are capable of when it comes to the full scope of their expertise. Here are some other areas that a travel agent can help make your trip the one that you’ll never forget:

Experience and relationships

Sure, you’re quite capable of booking your own trip online or on the phone with airlines and hotels. You can get your own vehicle and even figure out how to register yourself for tours and excursions. Travel agents have years of experience and they cut through a wealth of ads and useless information online to get the right flights, accommodations and excursions based on your individual criteria. They can draw from the travel experience of thousands of clients; information that you’re just not pertinent to. They also develop solid relationships with airlines, hotel chains and tour guides and are able to swing far better deals than if you undertook all the work yourself. Your travel agent also knows what destinations will give you the ultimate travel experience for the type of trip you’re looking for.

Time saver

How much time do you really have to do the research it would take for you to get the best bang for your buck, and is it time well spent? You probably work a full time job, and maybe you’ve got kids too. A travel agent’s full time job is spent finding the best experiences for people, so you can imagine how many hours they’ve logged and how much more efficiently they can find what you’re looking for! As soon as you lay out the details of your dream vacation, a travel agent already has a list of potential hot spots that would suit you best.

Travel Insurance

This is another area that sometimes gets overlooked or that confuses travelers so much that they either avoid it, or over spend. A travel agent knows the ins and outs of travel insurance, and she or he can set you up with a policy that fits your travel needs like a glove. They can also help you to understand exactly what coverage you have and what is omitted, and make suggestions for what type of coverage you require depending on your destination, specific plans, and on your needs as an individual. Travel insurance is a backup plan for life; it will cover such mishaps as lost or stolen luggage, a cancelled trip due to a sick relative, or emergency medical care that you require while in a different country. A travel agent also is well versed on the medical care and some of the pertinent laws in other countries, so she or he can ensure that you won’t be blindsided on your vacation.

Wherever you’re travelling to, or even if you need help to narrow down your destination of choice, a travel agent can be the best way to get that vacation off to a great start.

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